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Quality Control

Appacs will control the quality of each process to make sure that all the items like car chargers, wall chargers and usb cables are safe, environmental and strictly according to international trade standards.

1.Product Specification Creation
Our professional OEM/ODM services can help you make your unique and fantastic own designs as per your request and market demand

2.Incoming Material Quality Control
Only those qualified raw materials
will be accepted and used for mass production.
3.Pre-Production Sample Evaluations
Sampling and evaluations will be made by professional testers before all the production. Also, samples are available for customers to check at any time.

4.Initial Product Inspections
Initial product inspection is carried out at the beginning of mass production, up until 20% has been completed, and is based on the customer's specifications and reference samples. We focus on all machinery and materials to be used in your production to ensuring the quality of your product will be consistent throughout production.
5.Assembly Line Monitoring
To improving the performance on the production floors, each production assistant will monitoring and record real-time cases and speed of assembly lines per hour. They will help to enforce your specifications, selecting units at random for checking, identifying and eliminating defects.

  6.Pre-Delivery Inspections
A pre-delivery check of units selected at random from your goods will be conducted when the production is over 80% complete. This will make sure to take corrective action before the products are finished and packed.
7.Product Loading Supervision
Our QC team will select cartons randomly to confirm each of them bears the quantity of item ordered, the quality matches the specifications and all packing contains the correct labeling, bar-codes, and materials.

  8.We Want Your Feedback
Give us your feedback! Tell us what you think about our products, your experience, our service or anything else. They are very helpful for us to keep improving and do better

Increase customer satisfaction – a direct boost to your profits and maintain better reputation! Above services will help to offer an increase in the quality of your cell phone accessories while minimizing the risk of receiving non-conformance items and reducing return rates.