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How to Choose a Good USB Cable

With the widespread using of mobile phones, the data sync cable has become one of the necessary parts in our daily life. However, can you tell what is a good one? If you can’t, there are 3 important parts that you should focus on.
1) external appearance 
2) core wire 
3) cable connector
Let's take the apple original USB cable as an example.

1. External Appearance:
External coat is the outermost jacket and the most intuitive part of a cable, which has 2 mainly material types, PVC and TPE,  in the market. PVC is a kind of cheap plastic and mostly used in small workshops. More importantly, it is harmful to the environment. TPE is a new type of material, which with high elasticity, high strength and easily for plastic injection molding. Besides, it is long-lasting, smooth, safe and avoid any irritation to human skin. Currently, TPE is the main choice for most well-known international usb cable brands. But how does the good TPE jacket look like? The less reflecting surface usually indicates higher content of TPE. So, when you are choosing a USB cord, you better pick the thicker and with non-reflecting surface one. This kind of cable is more elastic, anti-aging, as well as  not easily to be broken.  The overall appearance of good cable is also more delicate.

2.  Core Wire
First, higher quality cables are usually with thicker cooper wires, which can pass over 2A current and ensure both fast charge and less heat. Second, there is aluminum foil and metal woven mesh shielding to avoid electromagnetic interference, allow more faster and stable data transmission and make the cables not easy to break. However, unless you cut the jackets to uncover the inside cores, or you can not see it directly through your naked eyes. So you should better always choose those usb cables that are heavier, harder and with thicker diameter at the time of purchase.

3. Cable Connector
Good USB cable is technically excellent even at the connectors. Its connectors are produced by integrated pressing process, exquisite workmanship and are also compact, durable, with soft texture jacket, clean and bright metal plug and closely connected with wire harness, which has great difference with those general products in the market.
If the cable connector is with precision welded metal shield, the quality is much greater. Because it can provide protection to PCB and E Marker as well as minimizes the radiated emissions level and offers additional mechanical strength. 

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