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Where to Buy

Welcome to Join Us

APPACS is a well-known 3C digital accessory manufacture that integrates R&D, design, production and sales. We are committed to provide users with practical and aesthetic products.

Best for you mobile. Let's make life better!

Where to Buy

Since 2017, APPACS has taken root in the world, and the offline stores have spread throughout Europe, America,Asia ,Africa and the Middle East.

 Italy  Rome
 Poland  Warsaw
 UK  London
 Spain  Madrid
 USA  Boston
 Brazil  Joinville
 Brazil  Santa Catarina
 Georgia  Georgia
 Bahrain  Bahrain
 Portugal  Almada
 Phnom Penh  Cambodia
 Mexico  Mexico
 Mexico  Yucatan
 Venezuela  Venezuela
 Myanmar  Myanmar
 Dubai  Dubai
 Kenya  Kenya
 Canada  Vancouver
 Australia  Sydney
 South Africa  South Africa
 Tahiti  Tahiti
 Russia  Moscow
 China  Taiwan
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