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Can You Buy A Smart Phone with $7?

  • Autor:Ema Cai
  • Quelle:Freedom 251
  • Lassen Sie auf:2016-02-18

In the mobile phone market, especially Android phones, there are flagship high-end machines with hundreds of dollars, but also cheap machines less than $100. It is very rare that phone price can be down to single digit. Ringing Bells, an India company, developed $7 Android phones called Freedom 251, which also seems to show us, the price of Android phones no minimum, only lower.


It is reported that, the reason of low price is that Ringing Bells Company benefit from “support” project assistance from Indian Government. Specifically, Indian Government launched its national program called “Made in India” project, which aims to stimulus local innovation in India.


Typically, low cost means low configuration, so we should not hope that Freedom 251 Android phones are with configuration of luxury, but for average consumer, expect to see a phone at least to meet the daily phone calls, SMS and social needs.


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