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Difference Between TPE and PVC

  • Auteur:Cindy
  • Relâchez le:2016-02-16
TPE- is with higher flexibility, strength and resilience. It is much more soft , with better weather resistance than PVC. Besides, there is no plasticizer in it and it is an environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, widely used in commodity and safe for daily use. However, it is more expensive than PVC.
PVC, is a toxic chlorine-containing resin. There are some plasticizer in it and the more of the plasticizer are added, the soft it will be . Now, PVC is widely used in building materials and artificial leather. But at high temperatures, such as about 50 ℃, it will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas, which is harmful to human body.
Compared to PVC, TPE is more resistant to heat and cold and with better flexibility, which increasing demands for environmental protection in recent years. So in more and more areas, people are prefer to using TPE now.
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