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2016 Nylon Braided USB Cable Compatible with iPhone 7

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-10-13
2016 Nylon Braided USB Cable Compatible with iPhone 7 

These years, braided USB is cables are more and more popular, from plastic braided USB cables to aluminum alloy braided USB cables, from 1m/3ft to 3m/10ft, and from 5v 1a to 5v 2a. We have been studying new nylon braided charging cable with the higher quality, and more popular in the customers. Below is our newest braided data cables:

Model: AP03032
Connector: micro USB, 8pin lightning (compatible with iPhone 7)
Length: 1m, 2m, 3m
Color: white, black gold, blue, purple, rose gold, red, gray
Theoretical current: 2.4amp
Material: aluminum alloy+ nylon braided+ copper wire

Why we design a 2.4amp charging cables? Now the capacity of a lot of equipment is getting bigger and bigger. For example, in the past few years, there are many power bank is 2000ma, 5000ma, but now if you search power bank in the market, most of them are 10000ma, 20000ma. If you still use the before 1amp USB cable to charge a 20000ma power bank, then it will charge very slow. So you can use our 2.4amp cable to charge it, and the speed is very fast!

Since we launched the new weave charging wire, it is deep loved by customers. Some customers direct sourcing of charging cables with our company logo “APPACS”, and Some customers' orders are customized with their own logo, also have customers choose without any of the logo.

As an usb charging cable manufacturer, we have released many kinds of 2.4amp USB cables. Flat cable design, braided cable style and extension cable to meet different needs. Any interests please contact us directly.