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APPACS Also Offer Aux Audio Cables

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-10-23
APPACS Also Offer Aux Audio Cables 

Our customers said that our website does not have audio cord products, as a cell phone accessories manufacturer, aux cables are our essential products. We offer 3.5mm male to male audio cables, male to female aux cables and others aux cables. Let us share you our newest 3.5mm male to male aux cables with you.

This audio cable has a gold-plated connector, Low-frequency full and strong, and high-frequency transparent precision. The sound field is broad, and let your side music has the scene feeling. The common audio line on the market will appear signal transmission is not stable, and sound quality distortion. However, our this cord is high-fidelity audio cable shielding design, sound quality, band amplitude, and fun transmission. It has a high resolution, sound transparent and transparent, rich and clear layers of detail. It can give the mobile phone computer and other equipment for audio transmission.

1.The use of fast and convenient, and easy to use.
2.Thick gold plated contact, signal transmission sensitive and efficient, the plug is durable.
3.High density and high shielding design. Strong anti-interference performance, and transmission signal effect is good.
4.TPE material, durable and durable.

APPACS also offer chargers, charger cables, earphones and some other mobile phone accessories. For more information of our products, you can contact us directly.