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APPACS Original/ High Copy iPhone Earphone

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-02-26
APPACS Original/ High Copy iPhone Earphone

Because of the great demand of iPhone 5 earphones, there are more and more copy iPhone 5 earphones appear on the market.

The sound quality is the most important factor of headset. What kind of headphone is good earphone? The sound quality of headset depends on the quality of the speaker's material. APPACS has original iPhone 5 earphones and high copy iPhone 5 earphones, and there are some quality grade of the copy iPhone earphone as below:

AP04014-A: speaker material: composite membrane material (1:1 high copy original, same as original material and with Apple logo).
AP04014-B: speaker material: copper ring.
AP04014-C: speaker material: 6U.
AP04014-D: speaker material: white magnet (APPACS do not produce it).
AP04014-E: speaker material: black magnet (APPACS do not produce it).

If you are finding Original/ high copy iPhone 5 headset, please contact us with no hesitation.