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All Protections of APPACS Chargers

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Charger protections
  • Release on:2016-09-29

With the social development, mobile phones have become common device in daily life and charging is unavoidable. Safe charging is especially important. Here are the protections of APPACS chargers:

1. Over-voltage protection

Generally, the MAX voltage output of mobile phone charger is 5V and we all know that the domestic AC voltage is 220V. Mobile phone charger is like a transformer. The AC voltage will be converted to low voltage and then transmitted to the phone. When the voltage is unstable and the power supply voltage is higher than a certain numerical value, the protector will cut off the line and will be switched on automatically when the power supply voltage returns to the normal range. This will avoid the overload or instantaneous high voltage.


2. Over-current protection

This is similar with over-voltage protection. When the current exceed a certain limit, the phone charger will automatically disconnect the circuit, making the phone charger and mobile phone being protected without being burned by high current. In addition, after the mobile phone is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging to prevent cell phone overcharge and protect the battery.


3. Short-circuit protection

All superior mobile phone chargers have short circuit protection. Short-circuit delay time is very short. Its working principle is similar with that of over-current protection. The delay time varies from the judgment way.


4. Over-temperature protection

It is easy to understand from the literal meaning. When the charging temperature reaches a certain height, over-temperature protection will start, so that the phone stops charging to avoid the risk of explosion.


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