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An Adapter That Can Bring You Less Fight When On The Go

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release on:2016-01-25
Have you ever fought for a car charger port with your families when you are in the same car together and your phone is almost die?

Imaging that you and your other 5 families are going on a long road trip and all the mobile phones, tablets and other devices are needed charging but there are only both or even single USB car charger port. What would be in your mind? Yes, it totally sucks. Then how can we get rid of that?
Obviously, we need a multiple function Cigarette Lighter Adapter as below.

It not only charges your GPS, iPad, iPhone 6, but also your families’ camera, MP3 players, tablets and so on. With the extra DC outlet, it just likes a never ending power source! What’s more, it is also a holder for your smart phones and other devices.

Isn’t it amazing?