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An American Man Was Wounded by The Samsung Note7

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-21
An American Man Was Wounded by The Samsung Note7

Samsung has launched a Note7 phone latest,it is very popular in the market like iPhone 7.But recently, Samsung Note7 explosion occurred one after another throughout the world. Besides, Samsung note 7 has also been banned  on the plane by a number of airlines.

According to the latest news: Recently, a man was wounded by the Samsung Note7 which in his pocket, the man was formally charged with Samsung, claim for compensation of 15 thousand US Dollars. This is the first case in the case of compensation for damages in the Samsung Note7 explosion. To this end the Samsung Corp has recalled all the Samsung note 7 which in the Europe and the United States

Warm Tips: You need to be cautious when using mobile phones, don't play mobile phone while charging.

Mobile phone charger explosion news was also happened many times. Often news reports, the usb charger was exploded when using, causing a variety of security risks

Why the phones charger will be exploded? All because that your usb adapter is not a good and standard charger.
A standard cell phone charger must pass the below tests:
Over voltage test
Low voltage test
Over temperature test (overload protect)
Over current test (constant current protect)
Short circuit test

If using a high quality charger, when the temperature is too high, the short circuit protect will stop the charger  to work, it will avoid the charger explosion or spontaneous combustion.

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