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Apple New Macbook Adapter

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Release on:2016-09-22

USB type c is known as a future standard interface for portable electronics. In the past one year, it has been in rapid development. Type c peripheral accessories have been gradually enriched, like USB 2.0 type C to type C cable, hubs, video converter, adapters and other related products. After the release of Apple new Macbook, Appacs lunched OEM adapter for Macbook and it has hit the shelves.


The usb-c power adapter offer fast charging for Macbook computers anywhere. This adapter features an usb-c port and requires a separate usb-c charging cable.


The type c adapter is important for Macbook, also the type-c cable is also necessary.

When type-c cable connects with the adapter, what they can do?

Offers power for Macbook? Yes.


If there is no type c cable, the adapter seems no use for Macbook, but if there is no adapter, the cable can still works well with Macbook (The condition is that the Macbook is not power off). What is the function of the cable after connecting with Macbook?

1. Offer power for other mobile devices.

2. Transfer data between Macbook and other devices. The data transmission speed is up to 5 Gbps


When do you decide to buy type c power adapter, please do not forget the type c cable.


Appacs is China travel charger supplier. Except for above charger, we also offer 10w usb power adapter for iPad. If you want to know more information about our products, please contact us.