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Apples’ New iPhone Will Abandon the Headphone Jack

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Headphone Jack
  • Release on:2016-09-06

In the past few months, there is news saying that Apples’ new iPhone will abandon the headphone jack in favor of using a wireless headset, connected by Lightning interface. Although there are many reports, almost no one thinks this is a good idea. Recently Six Colors Jason Snell wrote and analyzed the reasons why Apple abandon the headphone jack, but he sincerely hope that Apple will not do so in the article.


Even abandoned headphone jack rumor is true, peoples’ idea about the end result varies. So far we do not know how Apple intends to stimulate our interest: the introduction of Lightning wired headset or the selection of wireless AirPods. We also do not know what will be put in the box of new iPhone. If Apple choose wireless headset, its performance can be affected by many factors, such as sound quality, battery life, practicability.


The transit from traditional headphone to the next is a big test for Apple. Once Apple had the courage to abandon some old stuff, but draw criticism from the whole world. Finally when the product came out, all criticism disappeared. This time, the headphone issue will repeat the history of the event? Maybe.


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