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Are You Still Waiting for Your iPhone 7?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-27
Are You Still Waiting for Your iPhone 7?

From Apple Corp began to accept iPhone7's reservation from 9th September, bright black iPhone7 is much loved by consumers. It lead to the emergence of bright black iPhone7 out of stock in global.Many consumers who booked the bright black iPhone7 are aware of that the delivery time has been postponed, even some orders to be shipped will still November. With the passage of time and Apple's production capacity to gradually keep up, the delivery time of the bright black iPhone 7 Plus will be ahead of schedule. But for the moment, the bright black iPhone 7 is still very scarce in the apple stores. In France, only a handful of Apple stores have bright black versions for sale.

Why bright black iPhone7 is so tight?
1. The bright black shell is too difficult to make. This bright black body required a sophisticated nine channel anodic oxidation and polishing process to complete.
2. Some analysts have revealed:
Currently, the yield rate of the bright black iPhone 7 is only 60-70%. It means that every production of ten bright black iPhone7, there will three or four be abandoned because the quality is not up to standard.
3. Samsung's global recall of Note Galaxy 7, also exacerbated the shortage of iPhone 7.

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