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Belkin USB in Car Charger

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-11-09
Belkin is a leading enterprise in the car charger industry, many models USB car chargers introduced by them are very popular in the market. The customers like the appearance and quality of Belkin's products. But there is one thing that many users can not accept: the price is too expensive! The price of an ordinary car charger is higher several times and even more than 10 times than the market price .Some customers just like Belkin's design, they do not care whether it is Belkin's brand, and they just want to buy an USB in car charger with the same appearance as Berkin's car charger, and the quality is also very good.

Today, we would like to share you the below mini USB in car charger:
Model: AP01001
Size: 4.5*2.5*2.5cm
USB port: 1USB
Color: 10 colors
AP01001-a: input: 12-24v; output: 5v 2100ma
AP01001-b: input: 12-24v; output: 5v 1500ma
AP01001-c: input: 12-24v; output: 5v 1000ma
AP01001-d: input: 20-24v; output: 5v 1000ma

This car charger is high copy Belkin USB in car charger, and very popular in the market. 4 different quality grades meets different customers’ needs. 1a quality is selling best in the market. The very economic price is also one of the reasons why users love it. 10 different colors suitable different countries. Mini size and light weight is easy to carry.

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