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Braided USB Charging Data Cables

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-11-21
Braided USB Charging Data Cables 

Braided usb cable is more and more popular in the market. We have shared you many of our braided cable products, like earphones, aux cables, usb cables and so on. Today we will compare our two kinds of braided charging cables, so that you can know what kind of phone usb cables you need more clearly.

Model: AP03032, AP03006
Material: AP03032: nylon braided + aluminum alloy +copper wires; AP03006: nylon braided + ABS +copper wires
Output: AP03032: 2.4amp; AP03006: 1.5amp
AP03032 use exquisite high quality woven wire, more high-end, both ends are aluminum alloy materials, laser carving technology, feeling better. Well, the material of both heads for AP03006 is ABS, the quality not better than AP03032, but it's popular with the masses.

AP03032 is more suitable for 2a devices, like tablets, iPads, 2a mobile phones and so on. When charging 2a devices, the speed will be very fast. Also, 2.4a AP03032 is suitable with 3a chargers. AP03006 is more suitable for 1a devices, like 1a mobile phones and so on. 1.5amp cables could be used to charge 1a devices very fast. It could be used to charge 2a devices also, but the speed not as fast as AP03032. So if you buy the usb cable to charge your iPad and other 2a devices, we command you AP03032. If you only used to charge 1a mobile phones, AP03006 is okay for you. It is a very economic cable.

As a professional usb charging cable manufacturer, we can offer any usb cables what you need. We offer all kinds of lightning usb cables and micro usb cables. Any interests or questions, please contact us.