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Can iPad Pro Replace the Drawing Board?

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:iPad Pro
  • Release on:2016-02-04

The important point of iPad Pro that is different from the conventional tablet is that it has been considered as a productivity tool, which means it is not only used for entertainment, but also for work. What job? It can be used as a professional drawing board when it is with Apple Pencil.


iPod Pro has released and there are more and more drawing software gradually, but it can really replace the drawing board that has been used for many years by professionals?

APPACS will help you to answer this issue.

Compared to the traditional drawing board, the biggest advantage of iPod Pro is portability. Besides, its presentation is more institutive, so it is easier for beginners and amateurs to use.

But for professional artist and design person, iPod Pro cannot be replaced, mainly because the accuracy of Apple Pencil is not so high. In addition, painting on iPod Pro, artist are not so arbitrary as painting on drawing board.


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