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China UV LED Patent up to about 56%

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:UV LED
  • Release on:2016-01-06

China UV LED Patent up to about 56%


With the development of science and technology, people research LED more and more deeply, in which short-wavelength ultraviolet LED light gets attention and has a wide range of applications. What advantage does China has in the external LED patent layout?


The LED industry patent alliance's “UV LED patent technology analysis report- epitaxial chips, packaged devices papers” shows that from the patent composition, nearly 200 related to ultraviolet LED epitaxial chip and device packaging filed, China has the most number of patents, accounting for about 56% of the total, followed by the United States, Taiwan and Japan. South Korea also has a considerable advantage in this area. In these patents, world patent application accounted for about 10%, indicating that applicants are serious about these patents, a considerable proportion of the application for a worldwide patent.


Judging from the application trend, the report shows that since 1998, ultraviolet LED applications increased year by year and it is in rapid development. This is consistent with the technology trends. UV LED chips with InGaN / A1 InGaN MQW structure was developed by the Mary H. Crawford group in the US Sandia National Laboratories, 1998. Emission peak wavelength of this cheap is 386 nm and the radiation power is greater than 1 mW, which opens the door to a new generation of short-wavelength ultraviolet light filed. Since then many researchers dedicated to this, the quality of the epitaxial layer, p-type doping, ohmic contact, optical design and other critical process have made great improvement. The reason of application decline should be due to many applicants still in unpublished stage.

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