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Common Sense about Coffee

  • Source:caffeine intake
  • Release on:2016-01-31

How much intake of caffeine is moderate per day?

“Caffeine” is the most important component in coffee. For person, moderate caffeine can help to release muscle fatigue, promote secretion of digestive juice and kidney function. However, excessive intake can cause caffeinism, increase the risk of heart disease and accelerate the loss of calcium leading to osteoporosis.

For 4-6 year old children, the intake of caffeine does not exceed 45mg a day, a maximum of 7-9 years 65mg, 10-12 years old a limit of 85mg caffeine, normal adult a limit of 300mg.

What people are not suitable to drink coffee?

1. Hypertension patient: caffeine can evaluate sensitive blood pressure.   

2. Kindly failure patient with hyperkalemia: coffee contains high potassium content.

3. Peptic ulcer patient: caffeine stimulates gastric acid secretion which can accelerate the metabolism of food and reduce the nutritive value of the food.

4. Diabetes patient: caffeine will reduce the secretion of insulin in pancreas.

5. Epilepsy patient: caffeine can stimulate the brain power center, reducing blow flow to the brain.

6. Heart disease patient: coffee will increase the amount of fat and triglycerides which will increase the burden on heart and oxygen consumption.

7. Iron-deficiency anemia patient: coffee will accelerate the metabolism of food and reduce iron absorption.

8. Calcium oxalate urinary stone patient: coffee is rich in oxalic acid.


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