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Company News

Newest Micro USB Cable for Android
Release on 2016-12-27Recently our engineers developed a new colorful USB cable. It is made of flat TPE material, up to 2A. This micro USB cable is with pure copper cores a...Read More
Newest Metal Scrub Phone Charger Cable
Release on 2016-12-23Newest Metal Scrub Phone Charger Cable Are you searching mobile phone charger cables? Today, we would like to share you our newest Aluminum alloy USB ...Read More
Foldable iPad Travel Charger
Release on 2016-12-20Today I will share you our foldable iPad travel charger. It can be produced with US, EU, UK or AU plug, so it can meet the charging requirements of pe...Read More
High Copy Samsung Charger Cables
Release on 2016-12-16High Copy Samsung Charger Cables Are you searching Samsung charger cables? We supply Samsung chargers and cables, original and high copy. Today, we wo...Read More
Samsung Quick Charging Charger
Release on 2016-12-13Today I willshare you our Samsung adaptive fast charging charger, which is truly with quickcharging function. The product details are with below: 1. I...Read More
Original/ High Copy iPhone Lightning Cable
Release on 2016-12-09Original/ High Copy iPhone Lightning Cable Because of the explosion event of Samsung Note 7, iPhone became more popular. And the demand for iPhone 6 ...Read More
5V 1A iPhone Power Adapter
Release on 2016-12-06For most peoplewho want to purchase a new mobile phone, iPhone and Samsung are a priority. Today I willshare you our iPhone single USB power adapter. ...Read More
USB 3.0 to Type-c Cable
Release on 2016-12-02USB 3.0 to Type-c Cable This USB charging data cable is USB 3.0 to type-c connector. It is compatible with Xiaomi 4C, Meizu PR05, Nokia N1,letv mobile...Read More
Mac Book Type-c Adapters
Release on 2016-12-01Mac Book Type-c Adapters Do you have a Apple new Mac Book? Are you worried about that your Macbook with only one C type interface? Now, you just need...Read More
Multi-Colors Popular Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-30Car chargers withmulti-colors are much more popular than single color car chargers, because theycan better meet the requirements of those people who h...Read More
2 in 1 USB Charging Cable
Release on 2016-11-292 in 1 USB Charging Data Cable Are you searching micro USB cables and lightning USB cables? You just need a 2 in 1 cables, and it can instead of two ...Read More
Game Console USB Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-29Have you everencountered such problems? 1. Self-drivingtravel: mobile phone is out of power 2. Driving outfor work: GPS is out of power 3. Watching mo...Read More
Aluminum Alloy Two USB Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-28When we choose carcharger, we need to consider the security, time validity, compatibility and howmany USB ports it has. Today I will share you our alu...Read More
Micro USB to Type C Adapter
Release on 2016-11-28Micro USB to Type C Adapter More and more mobile phones using type c interface, Some people need to carry two pieces charging cable when they go out,...Read More
Car Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Mount
Release on 2016-11-26Car Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Mount We shared you our stretchable car vent phone holder before. Today, we would like to introduce our magnetic car ...Read More
Unique Design Double USB Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-26Most car chargershave similar appearance. Today I will share you one unique design USB carcharger from APPACS. This double USB ports phone car charger...Read More
Car Air Vent Phone Holder
Release on 2016-11-25Car Air Vent Phone Holder Have you ever met that a call coming when you driving the car, but you can't pick up the phone? Have you ever met that driv...Read More
APPACS 2.1-3.1amp Tablet Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-25Withthe social development and life improvement, more and more people have morethan one digital device, like mobile phones, tablets and so on. For mor...Read More
Fashion and Modern Design Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-24When youbuy car charger, will you be used to buy two at the same time, in case that oneof them break by chance? When I go shopping, sometimes I will d...Read More
Aluminium Alloy in Car Charger
Release on 2016-11-24Aluminium Alloy in Car Charger Today, we would like to share you one of our Aluminium alloy in car charger. The details are as below: Interface: 2 US...Read More