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Dual USB Fast Car Charger

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on :2016-11-11

Dual USB Fast Car Charger 

Driving to an appointment, but mobile phone has no electricity on the road; Self driving tour with friends, and do not know the way, but GPS no electricity; After shopping, driving home on the road but your phone's battery dead. Have you ever experienced these predicament? Now you just need a car charger and a charging cable,  then all these problems can be solved. Today, we would like to share you one of our most popular car charger as below:

1. Material: metal+ ABS
2. Color: black, brown, red, purple
3. USB: dual USB ports
4. Suitable with: all 12-24v cars
5. Size: 7.0*2.4*2.4cm
6. Net weight: 24g
7. Output: 2 quality grades
AP01034-a: 5v 3100ma
AP01034-b: 5v 2100ma

1. Dual USB intelligent shunt.
2. Do not interfere with communication equipment.
3. Aluminium alloy oxidation process.
4. USB A ports compatible with all USB devices.
5. Popular appearance design.
6. With the smart IC chip, and could charge your 2a devices with fast speed.
7. Passed the tests: short circuit, over temperature, over power, over charge, over voltage, over current.

There is a most special advantage, if you need support quick charge, we can also help you achieve! we can customize the car charger with quick charge USB connector.

As a best USB charger manufacturer, we offer single USB car chargers, double USB car chargers and 3 ports USB car chargers. Besides, we supplier USB charger and cables, earphones and aux cables and other cell phone accessories.