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Hi-Fi Earphone

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on :2016-05-06
Have you ever heard Hi-Fi earphone? 

Hi-Fi: the English name is High-Fidelity, the mean is the playback sounds similar to the original sound.
There are some specifications of the Hi-Fi system as below: 
SNR: Hi-Fi system is generally more than 100dB.
Dynamic Range: Hi-Fi system is generally more than 100dB.
Distortion degree: the harmonic distortion of Hi-Fi system is generally less than 1%

The advantage of the Hi-Fi earphones:
1.Pure sound
2.Good sense of balance
3.Good high frequency extension
4.Minimal distortion
5.Good analytical power
6.Good sound field characterization ability
7.Dynamic no obvious compression

Appacs has developed several models Hi-Fi headphones, if you want to know more about our Hi-Fi earphones, please click here.