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How to Avoid The Explosion of USB Phone Chargers?

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release on:2016-02-29
Have you ever heard the news that telling the explosion of usb phone chargers?

In fact, the explosion of injury or fatal electric shock caused by the phone charging can be avoided if you use them in right ways. If you have no idea for the “right ways’, please pay attention to below four points for phone charging:

1. Avoid using poor quality cell phone USB chargers, as there are no protections for both  charger and your phone.

2. Do not make your usb wall chargers plugged into the outlets for long-term. You better unplug your usb phone charger immediately once the charging is completed. Normally, the charging time is about three hours, please do not charge your usb devices overnight.

3. Do not play with your mobile or receive calls during the charging. Because stop all operations can help to prevent the overheating of mobile phone panels.

4.Stay away from the fire, water and place which is with high temperature.