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How to Charge The Mobile Phone Correctly?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-11-18
How to Charge The Mobile Phone Correctly? 

In modern society, almost everyone has a mobile phone. People need to charge their mobile phones every day. Do you know there are some ways to charge your mobile phone will hurt your cell phone? Today, we share you how to charge cell phone can reduce damage.

1. Wall charger:
You need to choose a wall charger that compatible with your phone. If your phone is 2a mobile phone, please do not use a 1a charger adapter.
2. USB charging cable:
Same as wall charger. You should find a usb cable that suitable with your cell phone. If it is a 1a mobile phone, you would better to choose a 1a charger cable.
3. The temperature:
In low temperature environment, the low temperature protection mechanism of the lithium battery will make the material in the battery do not react chemically, and it will lead to not charge or charge very slow. Well, in the high temperature environment, the lithium battery will be unstable, may cause an explosion!
4. Many people think that the phone's battery has a fixed charging number of times, if too many times, it will speed up the battery damage. This is the wrong idea. According to the test, frequent charging is a little good for lithium batteries.
5. The new phone needs to run out of electricity, and then charge for 12 hours, and to repeat the operation 3-4 times. This is also wrong way, the new cell phones are lithium batteries or lithium polymer batteries, no longer need to do this.
6. Please don't play mobile phone when charging, if you can, please turn off the phone.
7. Please don't over charge, if the phone is full of electricity, please do not charge continue. If still keep the state of charge, it will be more loss of battery.
8. Please take off the mobile phone case when charging

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