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How to Choose USB Charger?

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Release on:2016-09-27

There is news now and again about cell phone electric shock and terrorist events caused by cell phone explosion. Although we did not witness these events, but still feel scary. Now we all know, a lot of cell phone explosion events are related to fake usb chargers. As for the third-party mobile phone usb charger, if it is qualified product of regular large-brand manufacture, in fact, the effect is every close with the original usb charger, but the price is relatively cheap.


Today I will show you how to choose usb charger from sense of weight and charger pins:

1. Sense of weight: normally specking, a good charger is slightly heavier. You will feel a sense of weight by hand, because a good charger is with more electronic components. When you to buy, you can take a few different brands, different types of chargers to feel the sense of weight and it is easy to feel the difference in their weight. If it is in online shopping, you can see the details of the product page, the weight introduction. As long as the number is not virtual standard, it can be used as a reference.

2. Charger pins: the pins of good chargers are relatively strong and compact. It will need a little bit of power to connect the charger to the plug-in board. If the plugging is very easy, this usb charger design is with a problem. It is best not to buy such kind of charger.


Appacs is a China home charger factory equipped with professional engineers. We offer dual usb wall charger and custom usb car charger for mobile phone.


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