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How to Distinguish Apple Green Point Charger Is True or False?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-02-05
Do you often puzzled whether your Apple green point charger is original?
Today APPACS tells you some skills to distinguish it. 

How to distinguish Apple green point charger is true or false? 
1.Serial number
The original Apple green point charger has a serial number on the side of the plug.
2.Production process of pin
The pins of the genuine charger are very smooth.
3.The words on the charger
The words of original charger are light gray, and the words of the copy charger are clearer and darker color.
4. The color of the green point
The green point of the genuine charger is grass green, but the imitation good is darker green. 

Those are some features of the original Apple green point charger, but not mean that  it must be the original charger if it meets those features. 

APPACS offers original Apple chargers, if you are finding it and want to know more, please click here.