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How to Find the Right USB Car Charger

  • Author:Christine
  • Source:Car charger
  • Release on:2015-12-21

What is a USB car charger?

USB car chargers are 12v devices that are designed to plug into a cigarette lighter socket or a dedicated 12v accessory outlet. Inside of relatively compact cylindrical bodies, they contain the necessary electronics to convert the roughly 8 to 14 volts of an automotive electrical system to the steady ~5.0 volts called for by the USB standard.


The great thing about a USB car charger is that it isn’t limited to powering a single type of mobile device. Unlike the proprietary adapters that used to come with every cell phone, you can use a single USB charger to power a variety of different phones, tablets, GPS navigation units, and other devices.

How to get the right USB car charger?

A big part of choosing a car charger comes down to personal preference. Aesthetics may be an important factor, in which case there are a lot of great looking chargers available that are also both affordable and reliable. However, there are also a handful of features that you’ll need to look at in order to determine whether a particular USB charger will work with both your device and your car.

The single most important spec to look at is amperage.


 If you have an older device, particularly if it’s an older cell phone or MP3 player, then it will probably charge just fine regardless of the car charger you select. 


However, some devices require more amperage to charge properly. You’ll have to seek out a USB car charger that provides 2.1A from at least one of its ports.

Another thing to look at is how many charging ports a charger has. Some of the best chargers only have one port, and that might suit your needs just fine. However, a unit that has two ports will allow you to charge two phones, a phone and a tablet, or charge a phone and power up a GPS navigation device all at the same time.