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How to Get a Better Cell Phone Signal Indoors

  • Author:Christine
  • Source:Phone accessories
  • Release on:2015-12-20

Have you ever got great reception in some parts of your or your friends' house, but sometimes you’re struggling to keep a call from dropping in other parts? Well, I do have. So today we would like to share you with some tips to help you drop calls less.

Way 1: Using your Wi-Fi calling

First checking that if your phone has a Wi-Fi calling. If yes, try using that feature. Because, by that, your signal will be more stronger than most cell phone signals, as Wi-Fi networks are typically indoors especially in interior rooms.  However, Wi-Fi calling only works with phones that support the technology.

Way 2: Getting a femtocell

If you do not have a Wi-Fi calling, then think about getting a femtocell which will work with any samrtphone that using the same cellular technology. And you can easily have one from your wireless provider.

Way 3: Having a signal booster

Cell phone signal boosters is really a good choice when you have all kind of phones on a variety of networks. A unit is placed indoors with an antenna placed outside to both receive and transmit signals.

To use these effectively, we suggest you that you better be in an area where outside there is ample signal from a nearby tower. 

Way 4: Keep in mind cellular service limitations

Radio waves behave a certain way due to the laws of physics, which have never been changed by any mobile phone accessories or technology so far. So you might need to avoid making calls underground or in far interior rooms, as the more objects radio signals pass through, the weaker and more diffused the signal becomes.