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How to choose a usb data cable

The usb data cable is probably the lowest-lying object in the phone box. But in normal times, it is equally important to be stable and easy to use. How to choose the data line?Good data line "material"First, the data line is divided into two parts, the inner "material" and the outer "insulation".For the inner material (conductor): the thicker the better.Because the thicker the wire, the greater the current that can be passed, and the faster the charge naturally.At the same time, the good quality data cable will be added with a layer of aluminum foil shielding and metal woven mesh to make the charging and transmission process more stable. Therefore, a good data line will be thicker.Good data line "length"The longer the data line, the larger the line resistance and the more current loss. So in fact, the shorter the data line, the higher the charging efficiency.At the same time, too long data cables will cause bit errors due to line noise, affecting the rate of data transmission.How to choose a usb data cable1. The production process of data lines: There are three kinds of production processes for data lines that can be found on the market: the braided data lines are strong and durable, so the tensile strength is very strong, which has a very long life for extending the data lines. Great help. In addition, the control chip in the data line interface also has a certain protection.2. The core strength of the pure copper core is small, which can improve the efficiency of charging the data line. Therefore, when selecting the data line of the mobile phone, try to select the data line made of pure copper core material.3.The most bad part of the data line is the interface at both ends, so the interface is important when selecting the data line. Be sure to see if the interface is made of aluminum alloy. Because aluminum alloy materials can effectively avoid the use of oxidative rust.