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How to Keep Your Cords in Order

  • Author:Christine
  • Source:usb cords
  • Release on:2015-12-26

Cords!! With chargers, headphones, power cords, USB phone cables, modems, television, laptops, desktops, smart devices and more around your home, you are bound to wind up with a tangled mess of cords. 

On November 27th 2015, Appacs had a all member discussion about how to keep your cords in order because of a complaint from an old customer. Below is the discussion outcome--ways to help you keep cords in order. 

1)ID Your Plugs with Labels

Imagine that there are 10 outlets on that power strip under your desk, will you hate playing the" pull the plug and see what gadget cuts off" game to identify what' s what? If yes, then try stick identification labels on each plug. Besides, you can make your own special drawing or text labels and stick each kind of gadget you' ve got. 

2). Shorten Lengthy Cords with DIY Wrappers

Cut your rubber mat into a bone-like shape with holes at either end to secure the cable and wrap away to shorten or store a long cable.

This step is pretty easy, isn't it?

3). Build Your Own Cable-Hiding Charging Station

People always have many different cords in their house which need manage. To make a cable-hiding charging station, you might need to purchase a small bedside table with a cabinet, cubby and thin back first. Then drills holes to run the wires inside and tucked the power strip underneath.

4). Cords

Now you can keep your cords lined up in the ways you would like them to be.

5). Cable Twisters

These are useful ways to add color to your usb cords or other cables while also keep them tidy.