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Huawei Had Released A Aew P9 Mobile Phone

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-04-09

Huawei released a new P9 mobile phone at 2016.04.06. It almost follows the design style of P8, but also has some difference with P8. Huawei has customized three different types of the appearance for P9. It includes four ordinary matte metal surfaces, a custom ceramic surface and a special gold surface.

The advantages of P9:

1.The fingerprint input is very fast, and you only need to press your fingerprint six times to complete a fingerprint entry work.
2.Using a standard USB-C Interface.
3.Support the entire network.

The difference with other models:
1.Screen: Sizes and materials are different with P9 Plus.
2.Lens: Glory 6 Plus is used in two lenses with identical 8-megapixel.
The lenses of P9 is 12 million pixels, and which is adopted a black and white photographic element.

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