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Industry News

How to choose a usb data cable
Release on2019-11-15The usb data cable is probably the lowest-lying object in the phone box. But in normal times, it is equally important to be stable and easy to use. Ho...Read More
2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair for the Spring must have 3 big travel artifact
Release on2018-04-052018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair for the Spring must have 3 big travel artifact The 2018 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show is coming soon. Would you li...Read More
Is your mobile charging treasure safe? APPACS teach you how to choose charging treasure
Release on2018-03-27Is your mobile charging treasure safe? APPACS teach you how to pick power Bank With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile dig...Read More
Samsung S7 Mobile Phone Exploded
Release on2016-11-23Samsung S7 Mobile Phone Exploded Samsung Note Galaxy 7 phones have been out of the market after the two recall, and Samsung S7/S7 edge Galaxy mobile ...Read More
How to Charge The Mobile Phone Correctly?
Release on2016-11-18How to Charge The Mobile Phone Correctly? In modern society, almost everyone has a mobile phone. People need to charge their mobile phones every day....Read More
UN38.3 Certification for Items Containing Lithium Battery
Release on2016-11-08In order to make sure the safety of air transportation and meet the customers’requirement for transporting goods with lithium battery, the rechargeab...Read More
New Nokia Phone May Return Market in 2017
Release on2016-11-07New Nokia phone may return market in 2017 Do you still miss the previous durable Nokia phone? Previously, Nokia was one of the world's best-selling m...Read More
BlackBerry Identity Authentication System
Release on2016-10-19BlackBerry has previouslysaid it will no longer develop their own smart phone hardware products, but BlackBerrycontinues to have some new ideas on som...Read More
Xiaomi's Own Processor Exposure
Release on2016-10-17Xiaomi's Own Processor Exposure Recently, according to Chinese media broke the news. Xiaomi corp is developing its own processor, and this processor ...Read More
What Apple Products Have Been or Will Be Eliminated?
Release on2016-10-17According to thereport of Japanese technology website Mac Otakara, all iPhone 4 models, 13-inchMacBook Air and AirPort Time Capsule will be listed as ...Read More
Why USB Type-C Is Becoming More and More Popular?
Release on2016-10-15Why USB Type-C Is Becoming More and More Popular? USB Type-C is a USB 3.1 connector, the function is similar to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connector. Own bo...Read More
How many do you know about HiMirror?
Release on2016-10-14HiMirror is asmart mirror and it can be your beauty health consultant. Depending on yourskin condition, local weather and other factors, HiMirror will...Read More
The Possible Reason of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion
Release on2016-10-13SamsungGalaxy Note 7 come with all people’s expectations, but sadly exited in the end.The battery explosion not only impacts the Samsung stock’s pri...Read More
Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Processor
Release on2016-10-12Now, the market's flagship smart phones are generally with QualcommSnapdragon 820, or an upgraded version of Snapdragon 821, like Galaxy S7 Edge, Gala...Read More
OPPO R9s Will Be Officially Released on October 19
Release on2016-10-11OPPOannounced that the R9s will be officially released on October 19. After that OPPOhave gradually announced a number of new product’s technical fea...Read More
Huawei New Phone Huawei Mate 9
Release on2016-10-10Huawei New Phone Huawei Mate 9 As China's mobile phone company giant, Huawei has been innovating. For Huawei fans, the most concerned about is when Hu...Read More
The Difference between OTG line and Ordinary USB Cable
Release on2016-10-08USBdata cable is our common accessory. With the rapid development of the mobilephone industry, OTG line has gradually entered our daily life in recent...Read More
We Offer High Output Car Charger
Release on2016-09-30With thecontinuous development of Chinese auto market, there are more and more caraccessories. More and more consumer electronics are used in the car,...Read More
The Newest Patch Board with USB Connector
Release on2016-09-30The Newest Patch Board with USB Connector The patch board with USB is very popular in the market recently.After XiaoMi corp launched USB patch board,...Read More
All Protections of APPACS Chargers
Release on2016-09-29With the social development, mobile phoneshave become common device in daily life and charging is unavoidable. Safecharging is especially important. H...Read More