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Is Fingerprint Recognition Really Safe?

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Fingerprint
  • Release on:2016-02-25

In Mobile World Congress(MWC)of this year, Vkansee performances how to make fake fingerprint with clay sculpture, and also uses fake fingerprint on a mobile phone equipped with a low-resolution fingerprint sensor. This fake fingerprint looks very poor in quality, but still managed to unlock the phone.


As a fingerprint reader manufacturer, Vkanse does this not for a transition to security company, mainly for promoting their high-resolution fingerprint scanner. The resolution ratio of this scanner is up to 2000 dpi, 4 times of existing machines. On this level of precision, this scanner is capable of recording the most subtle features. It is almost an impossible task to reply on false fingerprint to fool it.


Actually, we do not have to worry much about this. If you want to make a fraudulent fake fingerprint, the finger must be put on clay for more than 5 minutes. 

Nevertheless, we still have to take precautions. More stringent protection measures are needed when it comes to critical trade secrets.


Is your mobile phone with fingerprints recognition?

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