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Is Your In Car Charger with LED Light?

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-28
Is Your In Car Charger with LED Light?

Usually, All of us will put an usb car charger in the car, to avoid the phone without electricity when going out. What kind of car charger do you usually carry in your car? How is the quality? What is the current? Is it safe? And does it has LED light?

Mentioned in one of our previous articles, if you want to charge your iPad, tablet or other 2a devices, then you should need a 2a charger at least. A good in car charger needed be passed many kinds of protection tests, such as: over voltage/low voltage/over temperature/over current/short circuit. So as to avoid unsafe accidents by overheating / high current cause.

Besides, there is a very important function, and often ignored by consumers: LED light. People used to turn off the lights in the car at night. Once your cell phone is out of power, maybe you will search the usb port of the car charger instead of turn on the light in car. When you are driving, it is a dangerous act if your car doesn't have a LED light, because it is not easy to find a car charger in the dark. With the LED light, you can find the charging USB port quickly and easily.

Are you searching usb in car charger? As a mobile phone accessories exporter China, APPACS has been in car charger field since 2008. We accept OEM/ODM order, and could customize the car charger as per as your request. Single port, double USB or multiple usb all we can offer you. Besides, we supply usb wall charger adapters, usb cables, type c cables, aux cables, earphones, phone car holders and other all kinds of cell phone accessories.
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