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Is your mobile charging treasure safe? APPACS teach you how to choose charging treasure

  • Author:Appacs
  • Release on:2018-03-27
Is your mobile charging treasure safe? APPACS teach you how to pick power Bank

  With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile digital products have become an indispensable standard configuration in more and more people's lives. At the same time, charging mobile phones power Bank Products have also become necessary items for people to go out. At this time, how to choose a safe power Bank It becomes especially important.

First, look at the brand
First of all, choosing a professional brand supplier will solve a lot of problems for you. Whether it is product quality or after-sales service, it is more secure than the average seller.SHENZHEN APPACS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD Headquartered in Shenzhen Jinhetian Commercial Center, it has a clear division of design department, sales department, warehousing logistics department and customer service department. The factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and is an ISO9001-certified factory.

Second, look at the batteries
Charging Po batteries are generally divided into 18650 batteries and polymer batteries. The quality of the batteries will directly affect the safety performance of the battery, and the quality of the batteries will also determinepower Bankthe quality of. Inferior batteries will make Charging Boom and explode. The safety factor relative to 18650 cells is lower than that of lithium polymer cells. Because the 18650 battery is a combination of series and parallel, if one battery in the battery pack has a problem, it will involve the entire battery. For example, if one of the batteries has a low voltage, it will inevitably pull down the voltage value of the entire battery and increase the internal resistance. If the battery is still to be charged using the original current and voltage, it will most likely cause the battery to explode. The lithium polymer battery is relatively safe.

Third, look at the function
Excessive current or voltage instability can easily damage the phone. Choose a charging treasure with overcharge, over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, and short-circuit protection to bring full protection to your mobile phone.

Fourth, see the capacity
When you choose to charge Po, you need to consider charging Po capacity. Capacity and weight are directly proportional to the large capacity, although the number of mobile phones can be charged more, but the more weight is not portable belt and to charge the treasure longer time, both for business trips and travel will cause trouble.

Fifth, look at product certification
When selecting the charging treasure, it is also important to see if the charging treasure is certified. In general, CE, FCC, fire certification, and RoHS certification are more common certifications. When you choose to charge the treasure, you must recognize it.