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LED Mini Portable Lamp

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-10-29
Have you ever heard of USB lights? let we share you this style USB lamp today. The USB light is with mini size, and can be used for night work. Just plug the USB head into the USB port of the power bank, then it works. You can use it when ready book, when using computer and so on.

1. Lamp: 6 led lamps
2. Color: White, Hot pink, Orange, Blue, Green
3. Weight: 12g
4. Output: 5v 2.4w
5. Size: 168*18*8mm
6. Lifetime: 20000hours

1. By using low rated voltage 5v, power 2.4w, safety, comfortable and high efficiency.
2. Powered by USB port, no need external power.
3. Using environmental protection and energy saving materials.
4. Mini size, and easy to carry.
5. Universal USB, compatible with all kinds of power banks, notebook computers, desktop computers and other USB interface products.
6. Light shade, avoid direct LED, effectively protect the eyes
7. Flexible metal bellows can be arbitrarily bent, and you can choose the suitable angle.
8. It is suitable for camping, fishing, running and other outside places.

Do you like this small USB light? As a professional China mobile phone accessories factory, we supply all kinds of mobile phone accessories. Like USB car chargers, USB wall adapters, USB charging data cables and so on. Any interests, please send us your inquiry.