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Mac Book Type-c Adapters

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-12-01
Mac Book Type-c Adapters 

Do you have a Apple new Mac Book? Are you worried about that your Macbook with only one C type interface? Now, you just need one of our type c adapter, then every problem could be solved. Below are two of our type c adapters.

HUB version(with type c charging port)
Three USB 3.0 ports + one type c port
Three ports HUB multi function,could connect U disk, mouse, keyboard and other USB interface equipment. Plug a type c charging cable, then could be used to charge your devices.

HDMI version(with type c charging port)

One USB 3.0 port + one HDMI port + one type c port
HDMI port could connect projector, display, high-definition television and other devices with HDMI interface. USB3.0 could connect U disk, mouse, keyboard and other USB interface devices. Type-c port could connect a type c charger cable, and with charging function.

1. Aluminum alloy shell, the same material with the Mac Book, anti scratch and scratch.
2. Chromium plated Type-C interface, to strengthen the interface of the antioxidant capacity, and makes the interface more durable.
3. The safety wire core has high quality insulating outer layer, make it isolation interference and stable transmission
4. Aluminum foil+ Ground wire+ Aluminum and magnesium braided metal mesh, three strong signal protection, make it effective to isolation of RFI, EMI and other electromagnetic interference.

Do you like our Mack Book type c adapters? As a professional cell phone accessories manufacturer, our main products are in car chargers, phone wall chargers and charger cables. Any interests please send us your inquiry.