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Magnetic Car Phone Mount

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-10-28
Do you want to buy a phone car holder? Today, we would like to share you our magnetic car phone mount, and you might be like it.

1. Put the phone on the mount directly, easy to pick up, and will not crush the phone keys.
2. Small size, can be placed in random locations, will not block the line of sight, make the travel more safer.
3. Will not take up the position of the car vent outlet, with strong stability.
4. Desks, kitchens, toilets, inside the car, anywhere could be used.
5. 360-degree rotation, any angle can be choosed.
6. Not limited by device size, fully compatible with various models of mobile phones and tablets

What different to others' similar style?
1. Vacuum gold-plated steel ball scratch-resistant and anti-oxidation.
2. Larger disk, greater suction, make the phone will not fall.
3. There is damping film at the bottom of the holder, not because of vibration and have an impact.

How to use?
step 1: Attach the magnet to the surface of your phone or tablet.
step 2:Clean the surface of the car which place to be pasted the base, then place the disk and press for about 10 seconds.
step 3:Align the magnet to the disk so that the handset is attached to the bracket, and then adjust the viewing angle.

Do you like our this magnetic phone car mount? We also offer magnetic car vent mount and stretchable car vent holder. As a professional cell phone accessories manufacturer, we supply all kinds of mobile phone accessories, like USB car chargers, wall adapters, charging data cables, earphones aux cables and so on.