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Mini Fuel Cell Can Be Made by Salt and Water?

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:mini fuel cell
  • Release on:2015-12-31

Mini Fuel Cell Can Be Made by Salt and Water?


IDG December 31, according to foreign media report, the Swedish technology company myFC researchers have developed the world's smallest fuel cell JAQ. This fuel cell is with a small size, so it can fit into a pocket or purse. In addition, it was made from recycled materials and can generate enough "green electricity."


JAQ fuel cell does not require external interfaces. After inserting the power supply card that contains salt and water, JAQ can be connected with a smart phone or other device via USB cable. Salt and water will react and produce hydrogen inside the battery. Each power supply card can generate 1800ma power, which is fairly typical smart phone charger.

For everyone, mobile access has become very important. Chargers are getting smaller, even can be put in the pocket. Whenever you need, it can provide you with convenient energy supply.


JAQ fuel cell is completely portable, very suitable for "stay away" philosophy of life. This means that it can get through travel certification and it is compliant with international aviation standards. AQ fuel cell not only can charge your Smartphone, but also for charging any USB compatible devices, including Android, iOS and Microsoft's mobile phone and tablet.


JAQ is not the only portable fuel cell of myFC. Previous PowerTrekk can also generate power by salt and water. It requires external interfaces and has a greater volume than JAQ.


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