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Phone Car Charger with Led Light

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Release on :2016-11-12

For car driver, car charger is essential. It can be used for charging mobile phones, GPS and other USB input devices. Have you ever encountered such situation: your phone is just power off when you need to deal with some urgent issues? If yes, I guess you must be mad. If you are in need of USB car charger at present, there is a good one for your review. This car charger USB is with dual UBS ports and with LED light. The product details as below:

1. Input: 12-24V

2. Weight: 23g

3. Size: 6.5*3.0*3.0cm

4. Function: Charging

5. Warranty: 1 year


There are two quality grades options:

1. AP01006-A: Input: 12-20V, Output: 5V/ 1800MA

2. AP01006-B: Input: 12-24V, Output: 5V/2100MA


How to use:

1. Plug this charger into car’s cigarette lighter jack, if the blue indicator is light, it means it can wok normally; if not, just plug the charger up and down or make internal rotation to eliminate poor contact.

2. Plug the charging cable USB-A connector into the car USB charger port and connect another connector with your device. View the device charging indication, if there is, your device is charging normally; if there is not, check whether the cable connection is good, or change to another device to determine whether your device is compatible with this dual USB car charger.


APPACS is China wall charger factory, so except for universal car charger for USB devices, we also offer wall chargers, like universal usb wall charger, travel dual usb travel charger. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.