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ROIDMI in car Bluetooth Player

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Source:Xiaomi official website
  • Release on:2016-01-02
ROIDMI in car Bluetooth Player

Xiaomi company recently released a Bluetooth player, and it has aroused great repercussions in China, Let us tell you about this in car Bluetooth Player now.

ROIDMI in car Bluetooth Player is a in car Bluetooth device. It can plays the music in your phone in the car stereo through the Bluetooth, eliminating the trouble of playing music by USB, SD card or disc, but also to achieve the navigation broadcast function. This double usb charging ports can be used in playing the music in your phone and charging you cell phone at the same time.  To achieve these functions you just need to plug this in car Bluetooth Player into the car's cigarette lighter, and it can be completed through a simple setup. It almost does not occupy space, but you can make your car upgrade.

Double USB charging ports, 12-24V DC input, and 3.1A output .
One USB port output 1A, another USB port output 2.1A.

This in car Bluetooth Player using the design of AnaNaviTek high-performance DC / DC master chip. it not only provides 8 circuit protection, but also comprehensively enhance the charging efficiency.

1.Temperature protection: To avoid the ambient temperature is too high to circuit burned.
2. Wide voltage input: Support for 10-30V input, compatible with 12 / 24V battery-powered models.
3. Short circuit protection: Join fuse devices, automatic protection in abnormal short circuit.
4. RESET Protection: When the abnormal condition, the software automatically restart and resume normal work.
5. Intelligent IC chip mounted Recognition: Recognition mainstream smart devices, complete the function of automatically adjusts the output current.
6. Output over current protection: When the output current exceeds the upper limit, it will closes the output and protect the device which is waiting to be charged.
7. Over current circuit protection: detect an over current condition, fast response, blocking the battery circuit, effectively protect the battery safely.
8. Low noise low ripple output: effectively reduce the loss of the internal electronics of the phone.

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