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Safety Hammer Car Charger

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-10-27
Safety Hammer Car Charger 

Which style USB car charger is most popular? Mention car charger, I have to mention this style car charger that one of the most popular car charger in recently years, named safety hammer car charger. This car is made by Aluminum Alloy shell, and has the function of safety hammer. In 2014, a woman appeared a traffic accident, because the car door can not be opened, resulting in the final loss of life. In order to avoid such accidents, people have designed a car charger what could act as a hammer safety.

What the advantages for this car charger?
1.It is with 2 USB charging ports, built in intelligent chip and charging chip. Not only provide 6 kinds security circuit protection, but also fully enhance the charging efficiency, better protect your device.
2.It is a full metal shell of the charger, applicable to all types of cars on the market, there is no need to worry about compatibility issues..
3.Security and stability of the two interface to provide 1a and 2.1a output, compatible with both IOS and Android systems. Charging more secure, more stable and more efficient!
4.Using high temperature resistant metal shell and intelligent cooling chip. Fire retardant, flame retardant, and it will not hot when charging.
5.It's not just a charger, it's a life saving weapon.

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