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Samsung S7 Mobile Phone Exploded

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-11-23
Samsung S7 Mobile Phone Exploded 

Samsung Note Galaxy 7 phones have been out of the market after the two recall, and Samsung S7/S7 edge Galaxy mobile phones have become the main force of Samsung's flagship products now. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge also appeared spontaneous combustion and explosion.

According to report: A Canadian man was driving home, and felt his Samsung Galaxy S7 was very hot, then he took his phone out of the pocket. Unfortunately, his Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded in his hand, and cause his hands and wrists were burned.
Before this event, Samsung Galaxy S7 series also occurred spontaneous combustion accident. An American used the original charger to charge Samsung S7 edge overnight, and lead to an explosion of Samsung edge S7. A user in the state of Ohio sued Samsung, the cause is also an explosion causing severe burns.

As more news about the explosion of mobile phones, APPACS warm remind you a few points:
1. Do not use too poor quality mobile phone charger and charging cable
2. Select the appropriate cell phone charger and USB cable, If it is a 2A phone, please use 2a-2.4a mobile phone charger and cable.
3. Please do not play the phone when charging
4. If you can, please let the phone in the shutdown state when charging

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