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Smartphones’ Trend in 2016-Battery Life

  • Author:Cindy
  • Source:Android Devices
  • Release on:2016-01-05
Although over the years, the capacity of the smart phone battery has been steadily improved, there are still obvious differences between different brands. For example, iPhone6sPlus is only 2750mAh, while Motorola's DroidTurbo2 is 3760mAh.

From a broader perspective, the battery capacity in next generation are expected to be further expanded. Manufacturers are very willing to achieve this as providing a better user experience. After all, it is really a big attraction and competitive advantage in the market.

Another change is that those removable batteries and plastic covers will be abandoned. Currently, most flagship machines have begun using a closed body design, except for LG. Besides, the latest rumors said that LGG5 are going to remove this backward design soon. 

What’s more, for phone charging cables, it is expected that in 2016, most of the mobile phones will be with USB Type-C interface and support both fast charging USB 3.1 type C cables and quick charge 2.0 chargers. That is, in the future, the charging speed of the cell phones will also be an important part to attract people.