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Something You Should Know About The VR

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release on:2016-04-05
Something You Should Know About The VR

1. Do not let the head lens be exposed to sunlight or bright light. Because if the sun focus on somewhere of the VR lens for a long time, it may leads to a small fire and then burn your phone or eyes.

2.Do not give them to children under the age of 13
Although now there is no law to determine the side effects of VR, most manufacturers have formally declared that those items are not available to the children less than 13 years old. So when giving the VR to those boys and girls, you must inform their guardians or parents first, and explain the risk of liability. At the same time, we need to restrict their using time, ensure their rest frequency, and closely observe the reaction of children to prevent them from adverse reactions.

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