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The Newest Patch Board with USB Connector

  • Author:Amy Liu
  • Release on:2016-09-30
The Newest Patch Board with USB Connector 

The patch board with USB is very popular in the market recently.After XiaoMi corp launched USB patch board, HUAWEI also launched their USB patch board. The socket is an essential tool for everybody, and now most people still use the traditional patch board(without USB port). 

Today, let us introduce the newest USB patch board of XiaoMi.
In use: there is a design of three USB interface, and it solves the problem that chargers occupy a large number of holes.
In quality: using superior materials,and re customize the core components, make the path board smaller and safer. 

3USB connector:
1. No need for USB adapter, could charge your cell phones, tablets or other devices by the usb cables directly.
2. Special IC chip, could identify the device automatically, also support 2a fast charge.
3. Supply safe charging power, will not damage the battery life of your devices.
4. 20uA leakage protection threshold, to protect the personal safety.
5. Electricity conversion rate of 82%, more energy saving, more energy saving, more efficient. 

Three protection:
1. Overload will power off automatically, to prevent short circuit fire.
2. High flame retardant standard, effectively prevent fire hazards.
3. Each jack has an independent security door, to protect children's safety.

The engineers team of APPACS is designing a new patch board with USB, and we will update the details on our official website once the sample is compete. If you need it, please contact us, we will contact you at the first time. Besides, APPACS also offer 5 ports usb wall chargers, maybe you will like them.