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The Possible Reason of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Note 7 Explosion
  • Release on:2016-10-13

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 come with all people’s expectations, but sadly exited in the end. The battery explosion not only impacts the Samsung stock’s price and third-quarter revenue, but also the credibility of the Samsung brand, a huge impact.


As for the reason of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion, it seems that Samsung cannot give an official explanation. To this end, according to the analysis of exports, the South Korean media disclosed that this maybe is related to the design flaws of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Simply speaking, the hyperbolic screen design and increased battery capacity make the phone internal space squeezed to the limit, so the space left to the battery assembling is too small, which causes the separation plate and the borders inside the fuselage too close. Once encountered external forces, the battery positive and negative electrode will break through plate and interact with each other, resulting in short-circuit fire.


At present, Samsung has announced the recall of 190, 000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sold in the China. In order to make up the impact of delisting, Samsung is ready to launch the coral blue version of Galaxy S7 edge to save the market.


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