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The Secret of Little Pocket in Our Jeans

  • Author:Lynn Huang
  • Release on:2016-03-15
We may have noticed that there is a little pocket in our jeans, most of us seem to accept this weird little pocket as a part of fashion. Have you ever wondered why the tiny pocket been designed in our jeans? Is it just a fashion thing or useful thing? Why do our jeans have tiny pocket? 

There are two interesting things about this tiny pocket. First, it is a watch pocket. In the 1800s, cowboys often put the watch into their vest, the watch is very easy to being broken. In order to prevent the watch from being damaged, the designers designed this tiny pocket. Besides, the other important thing is that the jeans company will lose many motorcyclist customers if they removed the little pocket. Because these motorcyclist customers would have no place to hook their thumbs. 

This is why designers keep the little pocket until today. Now this watch pocket had been getting smaller, but it is still been remained as a part of the original design. 

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