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The Widely Criticized Google Chrome App Starter

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:Ema Cai
  • Release on:2016-07-22

Earlier this year, Google has said it will formally remove the widely criticized Google Chrome App starter in the near future. Now Google finally formally cancel this function in Chrome 52. In the future Chrome browser starter will continue to exist in the Chrome OS, but users do not have to open the browser, Chrome will be able to quickly start the applications.


Previously, Google Chrome App starter is criticized by many users on Window and Mac systems, they thought that the starter makes the system interface over-messed. Besides, Chrome will continue to exist in the starter and retained the opened functions when the Brower is closed.


If you are using the Chrome 52 with a Mac version, then you can see the whole new Material Design style tabs, buttons and menu interface after upgrading.


In addition to these obvious changes, Google also said that it fixed 48 security vulnerabilities in Chrome 52.


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