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UN38.3 Certification for Items Containing Lithium Battery

  • Author:Ema Cai
  • Source:UN38.3 Certification
  • Release on:2016-11-08

In order to make sure the safety of air transportation and meet the customers’ requirement for transporting goods with lithium battery, the rechargeable lithium battery must pass the UN38.3(UNDOT)certification.


UN38.3 test events are as below:

1. High simulation test

2. Thermal test

3. Vibration test

4. Shock test

5. External short circuit test

6. Crash test

7. Overcharge test

8. Over discharge test


Here are the judgment standards:

A. 1-4 No loss of mass, no leakage, no exhaust, no disintegration, no rupture, no fire, open-circuit voltage not less than 90%.

B. 5-6 Surface temperature does not exceed 170℃, no disintegration, no rupture and no fire within 6 hours.

C. 7-8 no disintegration, no fire within 7 days.

Besides, there are requirements on Lithium content and package.


Recently we released an APPACS brand 20000mah power bank with lithium battery. This battery charger has passed the UN 38.3 certification. The highlight of this Lithium battery charger is using Qualcomm advanced quick charge 3.0 technology, with built-in injoinic SMART efficient power conversion chip for quick charging.


APPACS is a China travel charger supplier. Except for power bank, we also offer other mobile phone accessories, like Belkin USB car charger, Apple USB to wall charger. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.